Current Projects, Higher Perspectives

Self Review and Literature

After receiving an enlightening book on the research that has been done on product development and successful business innovation, I have become more aware of the challenge that I am seeking. 

General Note: The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

Increased awareness of the task at hand is beneficial – no argument against that – so grab a book from the library or ask someone who has many books. It seems that “ask and ye shall receive” works when applied to gathering information that you require to fulfill your grand purpose in life. It is not that I can conceive of my grand purpose, but I know I am on track when the right information falls into my lap at the right time over and over again.

My message to you would be to follow your deepest desires, which you may have any level of awareness of. Just ask yourself what those are and don’t take your mind’s quick answer. Sit in the uncertainty that is and it will reveal itself.


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